Maggie Hedrick

Hi! My name is Maggie.

I like to build things that look good and feel great. Let's chat.

About Me

I'm a former web developer turned product owner living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've been programming professionally since 2013.

Like many people, I got my start on the web as a youth with geocities and neopets. I signed up for a programming class in high school (VB6 baby!) and discovered that I really, really enjoyed programming. I went to Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and recieved a degree in Computer Science, with a minor in German.

I started out in web development in 2013 using Knockout.js and C#. Once at Interactive Intelligence, I started in more heavily with ASP.NET as well as Bootstrap 3. Eventually we started an upgrade POC of our applications to React with a Java backend. While at Interactive/Genesys, I handled the UX and branding of our applications. I would build UI mockups using Sketch.

Now as a product owner for IT infrastructure (mainly SRE teams these days), I spend a lot of time managing backlogs, prioritizing work, and herding cats creating roadmaps. A lot of what I love about product as well as web development is the user experience. I am ideally looking for something which combines both.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cross stitch, and reading. I own a husky (Miko), seven emerald corydora, and two eastern spotted newts, as well as countless isopods and springtails. I also love video games; my current favorites are Garden Story and Graveyard Keeper. I'm always playing Animal Crossing.

Thanks for stopping by.

My Experience

I'm currently a product owner working at Carvana, due to the sale of ADESA from KAR Global. My team is focusing on the migration of infrastructure and site resources from KAR to Carvana.

Work History

  • KAR Global

    JiraAzure DevOpsAWSSAFe 5Agile TransformationNode.js

    I am currently the product owner for an SRE team assisting with the Carvana sale. I've been a general purpose SRE product owner for the three years I've been here - generally working over 2-3 teams with a combined backlog. As of June 2021 I took on additional responsibilities as the sole product role in the KAR SRE organization.

    • Product OwnerJun 2019 - May 2022

      • Prioritized and refined product backlogs for two SRE teams
      • Communicated project statuses to stakeholders through various syncs and demos
      • Accepted work in order to ensure acceptance criteria and definition of done was met
      • Presented goals and roadmaps to leadership and customers
  • Interactive Intelligence / Genesys

    KnockoutJSReactBootstrap 3 & 4.NET 4.6MS SQLEntity FrameworkUI/UXGitHubBalsamiq

    I worked on a team responsible for the internal project management, quoting, and reporting tool used by Interactive Intelligence, and later Genesys. I started out as a general developer somewhat focused on the front end, to the team's front-end and UI/UX developer. By that point I was the lead on JavaScript/UI development on the team, and was responsible for code reviews and mock ups using Sketch for all front facing features.

    • Senior Software EngineerJan 2018 - Jun 2019

      • Took lead for front end technical direction and design of multiple products
      • Researched current user interface and experience trends in order to update legacy products
      • Managed the design, implementation, and user acceptance testing of UI/UX on internal tool for time tracking, billing, invoicing, and reporting
      • Provided global post-release support of a major software initiative merging two quoting, billing, and project management systems
      • Conducted design portion interviews for team hiring
    • Software EngineerJan 2015 - Dec 2017

      • Added React, Webpack, NPM, and more modern web practices such as JavaScript compiling
      • Took on a lead role for front end technical direction, including design and code reviews
      • Started converting a product from KnockoutJS to React
      • Began utilizing Azure as well as AWS
      • Captured business requirements for internal web applications relating to project management, quoting, and reporting from stakeholders and executive team
      • Began using Java microservices for a new custom agile project management product
      • Designed and implemented user interfaces and user experience with Balsamiq and Sketch for mockups
      • Worked with AWS for deployment and hosting of microservices
      • Revamped internal product branding twice, along with total product redesigns
    • Application DeveloperOct 2013 - Dec 2014

      • Full stack development using C# (.NET), JavaScript with Bootstrap 3 and Knockout JS
      • Upgraded a project from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
      • Implemented custom resource allocation tool for internal use with drag and drop functionality
  • DyKnow


    A post-college summer internship for a local software company working on classroom management solutions. My project was to aid in printing class notes.

    • Development InternJun 2013 - Aug 2013

      • Led project from requirements through architecture, design, and implementation stages using the agile development cycle using KnockoutJS and C# with unit testing in each.
      • Utilized Github during the development process.


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science2009-2013

    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

    minor in German


  • Programming Languages

    Javascript, CSS, HTML, C# (.NET), MS SQL, PostGreSQL, Java
  • Libraries & Frameworks

    React, Bootstrap 3-5, Node.js, KnockoutJS, Entity Framework, SAFe Agile
  • Tools & Platforms

    VS Code, GitHub, Jira, ADO, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, Sketch


  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate


    Issued Jun 2019 • Expires May 2025Credential ID: SH23NNZCBB44QJ39 verify here